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Disable stock O2?

 Re: Disable stock O2?
Update on Power Commander o2 sensor solutions: On some bikes: 1. You can just unplug the o2 sensor connector and the bike won't generate a Check Engine Light. 2. They supply a connector with an integral resistor that takes the place of the o2 sensor's connector and fools the ecu into thinking that there's an o2 sensor connected, so it doesn't generate a Check Engine Light. You don't connect the o2 sensor connector to the bike's harness anymore. Late breaking news: 3. The dreaded "Optimizer". It plugs inline between the stock wire harness 02 connector and the o2 sensor connector. It intercepts the o2 sensor voltage, tweaks it and relays the modified voltage into the bike's ecu, telling the ecu that the AFR that it is running a bit lean. If it plugs in "inline", it's an "Optimizer". I say "dreaded" because it does a "blanket" enrichment over a large range, whether the bike likes it or not. Works ok ish on some bikes and not so good on others. br, Marc Salvisberg 415 472-4962 www.factorypro.com
 Re: Disable stock O2?
First things first :) The "O2 optimizer" from Powercommander(Dynojet) is no more than a simple resistor. It "tells" the ECU that the AFR from the OEM O2-sensor has a fixed value so it never enters "closed loop". Another (yet simple) way to disable the "logic" in the ECU for maintaining "closed loop" in preset running condition (part throttle/"cruise" which happens to be in the "top left corner" of IAP fuel map). In WRT this is something you "tick-off" using the software. How it is acutally done in code you will have to ask Justin (but then he will have to kill you I think). :D The engine will not run "like crap" with "closed loop" ECU-logic disabled, either by using "O2 optimizer = resistor" or WRT (with stock/Wideband O2-sensor). It *might* run "like crap" depending on base values for fueling in IAP map(s), depending on your bike/engine config. For my bike - 2009 B-King - it ran fairly rich *before* I edited the IAP-tables until obtaining pretty much 14.7 AFR (which was my target). This was with Innovate MTX-L. Last year I tried out "closed loop" using stock O2 and ticking that option in WRT. Worked just as well. Then I could observe on my AFR gauge when "closed loop" logic in ECU was active going from approx 13.5 to fairly lean - almost 16. This is the purpose of the "closed loop" logic. To adjust the AFR to stoich (in average) in above mentioned running condtion. It all up to you to test this out if you wish. Secondly: To be somewhat "nitpicking" there is no such thing as "Autotune" in WRT. You use the software/logged data to apply changes suggested from the software when (re)flashing. Autotune is a feature (just like "closed loop") where the ECU adjust the AFR "on-the-fly" according to preset AFR-tables. Powercommander, Motty, Bazzazz have such hardware/software and many stock car engine managment system have this. The fuel tables we edit (or "Autotune") are *base* values which are compensated by the ECU according to other sensor values. (Just to remind everyone what the ECU does).
 Re: Disable stock O2?
Hi man:) If you use Log Box from WRT with Wideband O2 here is the idea: 1. You hook up the set from Woolich Racing among with the Wideband O2 (Wideband is connected straight to Log Box, Log box is also connected to KDS) 2. Autotune has its own map of targer AFRs 3. Autotune will try to tune IAP and TPS maps basing on The reading from Log box (Wideband and KDS) 4. If you would not disable the narrowband, it will try to change the values and tuning would not be accurate as the target AFRs are different than stock narrowband targets (and are changing within the target) 5. FI won't be visialbe as you disable it within ECU and It would "see" constant values so you can tune it with wideband as you like:) I hope it sounds clear:)
 Disable stock O2?
Hey Justin and everyone, I spoke with Sharon yesterday and got a quote for a setup for my 2011 Ninja 1000, full Akropovic 4-2-1 exhaust. She said that the latest version of WRT lets you disable the stock O2 sensor? I've been looking at a PowerCommander setup for the bike and was told about your product a while back, but only found out yesterday that it's compatible with my bike. My question is a simple one. Sharon said you've recently added the feature to disable the stock O2 sensor in the ECU? She said I'd use this when installing a full Woolich kit (Data logger & Zeritronix, e.t.c). When it comes to the bike running in "closed loop" mode as PowerCommnader folk put it (I think that's the equivalent of the IAP table in proper terms?), where does the bike get data from to keep the AFR close to 14.7? Or does WRT disable the bikes ability to essentially "auto tune" below 10% throttle opening? To give you an idea, I'm trying to wrap my head around the differences between the two setups. PowerCommanders need their O2 Optimiser pluged inline with the stock O2 to keep the AFR's close to 13.6'ish, and the stock O2 needs to stay plugged in. The way Sharon described the Woolich setup (and maybe I completely misunderstood, our phone connection wasn't the best yesterday!), I walked away from the conversation under the impression that I don't actually need an O2 sensor plugged into the ECU at all with a WRT setup. I'd tear out the stock O2 narrow band from the 18mm bung on the exhaust, put the Zeitronix wideband in place, hook the wideband directly into the logbox and start capturing with no O2 sensor attached to the ECU? Won't this latter kind of setup trip an FI warning or cause the bike to run like absolute crap in "closed loop"/"the top left corner" of a map because the bike can't "auto tune" itself? I've tuned and played with maps on cars before but bikes are seeming a bit more intricate! Thanks for the clarification mate. I'm just trying to work out what solution I should go for. Yours is definately the best (albeit a slight pain in the arse since there's no "on bike" harness for my bike), but the advanced nature of your features are intimidating so I'm trying to get my head around the setup first :). Cheers mate
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