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o2 not reading

 Re: o2 not reading
Bar the cable issues, have any of you checked if you are getting a log file written to your memory card at all? If the config file (that's all your settings info stored on the SIM card) gets corrupted, as it happens fairly often, it crews up the logging side of things. Another thing to check are your filter settings. Normally the idle, neutral, clutch in, or below set engine temperature data gets filtered out so if you open log file created when engine was just started and didn't get to operating temperature or just being reeved in neutral for example it would appear that there is no data logged. You will see it though if you remove the filters.
 Re: o2 not reading
Having the same issue. Confirmed twice everything hooked up correctly and the controller has the lights flashing. Try logging dada and there is no AFR values. I will check and compare both ends of the RJ cable as you suggested. Hopefully that's the problem and an easy fix, and it the cable is bad hopefully can get it replaced.
 Re: o2 not reading
I am having the same issue with the M109R. The zeitronix AFR gage i have shows the afr ratio but when i hook the log box up and try it again the gage shows 3 lines and the log box isn't reading anything. I've checked the cables, made sure everything pinned out good and everything does. I tried reading engine data with just the log box and the AFR reads 1.5 or less. I'm pretty sure i have everything setup correct for the log box.
 Re: o2 not reading
So Zeitronix were great. Unfortunately there was not any failure in my controller. so more troubleshooting..... resulted in the discovery that the cheap ass home depot RJ12 cables had the wires pinned wrong. be very careful of this!!!! when placed end to end contacts up thy should match not be reversed!!!! I happen to have heads and crimpers so problem solved!
 Re: o2 not reading
Well so far I have contacted the Zeitronix team and they are having me send the unit to them. If the light is blinking then there is data available to be sent. I also found that the white wire is an analog 0-5v signal. if you hook your meter up and there is a voltage change then you are reading AFR. WHy we are not reading the data ???? we will see. More to follow.
 o2 not reading
what is the troubleshooting method for verifying o2 sensor is working? i was running the engine data and everything was working great. turned the bike off and when i restarted it .... no afr reading. the light on the zt-3 is blinking like it should but no o2 data..... help
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