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Post feature requests for the Woolich Racing Tuned software in this forum.

 Map switch 0/1
 zx10r 2016 immobiliser delete
 2017 GSXR1000R
 Metric to Imperial
 2017 CBR 1000RR Sports Kit Menu
 Is it possible to connect an auxiliary shift light on the zx10r? (normal, positive and ground)
 Extending the capability of Auto Tune & Data Viewer - Live
 2017 R6
 cancel immobilizer with woolich racing equipment?
 Suzuki lta500 lta750 ecu reflashing
 ZX6R coil FI light disable
 2016-2017 Kawasaki ZX-14r
 DL1000 ecu reflash request
 Toggle btwn 2 maps, mod bin and compare
 Zeitronics ZT-4
 ISC control from suzuki sds software?
 kph to mph for data log viewer
 Yamaha R1 2015 Onwards TCS SCS LIF Access
 Map / Data Display
 GSXR1000k4 fan temp adjustability
 Auto Blip added to Race Tools
 Injector Characteristics
 B-King A/B Mode
 Change ODOMETER's value
 Pro version of the D-Can V3 Log Box
 Table editing windows - filename display
 When leaving a table editing window
 Toggle mod bin and compare bin w esc key.
 ZX10R, 2016 features to add
 ver 4.7.6 Trim tables added
 Download logs files via Bluetooth
 Steering Dumper Map Editing
 QS Filter
 Use Bluetooth GPS for logging
 Default button at each map window
 How do you use WR?
 ZEITRONIX ZT3 Other parameters
 Remote "Mode" change
 TC for GSXR1000???
 engine data app for wrt
 Suzuki M109R - one immediate fix, and a few feature requests
 Filling a specific value in a table
 Add "Apply changes" and "Cancel changes" to windows
 Ignition table - time consuming to mod
 Yamaha fz-09 / mt-09 bin needed
 options in race tools for gen4 zx10r
 Wheel rotation sensor code ZX-10R 2011
 Kawasaki Versys
 Quickshifter minimum RPM
 Yamaha yzf300 r3 definition file bin
 Android App
 Traction control Suzuki gsxr1000 k9
 Ign table cell colors based on cell values - U get 3 votes
 BIN Ign timing changes text display
 DL1000 Suzuki application
 SFV650 Gladius
 Speedo fix?
 Honda CBR1000RR
 2015 Yamaha R1 ecu flashing
 Injector Voltage Compensation
 Aprilia RSV4 ECU support
 02-07 gsx1300r Hayabusa STP and N ign tables
 2013+ ZX636 Decel Feel Cut
 The Long Forgotten SV650 is Finally Tunable.
 Kawi Concour 14 08 and up Radiator Fan switch on temp
 ABS map
 Compare Map - have ign tables comp read in degrees
 Onboard harness for mechatronic shock
 Export Data to Excel?
 Wideband Logging with unused O2 pin?
 Additional Injector Abilities
 Axis/Map Units in Grid View
 06/07 GSX-R 750
 GSXR750K7 SET and PAIR disable
 activate launch control in WRT softwere in gsxr 1000 k9
 Rapid TPS transition filter
 09-14 R1 Auto Blip
 GSXR Fan Temp and Decel Fuel Cutoff
 2014 ZX10 air switching valve error
 2014 ZX10 ABS removal error
 Disable ESD error..
 3D Graph at Second Screen/Monitor
 Launch Control 2004 ZX10
 Option to save local-only mapshares
 2015 Ninja H2?
 Zx10r quickshifter
 2005-06 ZX6R Exhaust servo delete
 Gen 3 ZX10R - Fuel Cut? QS?
 2012 R1 engine data
 disable ISC on gsxr 600 2010
 2003-2004 GSXR 1000
 Gen4 zx10r engine data feature
 Injector Timing on 2011+ ZX10R
 STP disable and a quick shift for 11-13 GSXR 600
 2011+ ZX10 Race ECU Flash
 Enable Dealer Mode on Suzuki
 2011+ ZX-10R Feature Request
 GSXR 1000 TURBO MAP Sensor Option
 zx10 2011-13 Quickshifter & Autotune
 It is possible
 Log Box Pro Denso - Serial Connection to Innovate LC-2
 Live update of fueling
 WRT - Linear Interpolation and Batch Cell Edit
 Actual functionality for GSX-R750 2006-2007
 Voltage on the Data Screen
 2003-2004 GSXR1000 MAP SENSOR Error Code for TURBO BIKES
 ZX14R requests
 Log box Pro BT support
 2008-10 ZX-10
 Gen 1 ZX10
 Disabling Factory Immobiliser
 05-06 ZX6R/ZX6RR Requests
 zx10 rev increase
 Unlock ECU Feature with Denso LogBox
 Add Mode C back in on later model GSX-R
 Gear Group Based autotuning
 B king quickshifter
 K8 GSXR 600 Pair & SET delete.
 ZX6 09-12 O2 sensor disable
 pair valve actuator
 Z1000 O2sensor
 2011-2014 ZX10-R Immobilizer...
 ZX10R Traction Control
 About shipment
 STP Control at closed throttle. 2011-2014 ZX10R
 Autotune video?
 mapshare delete
 QS for 06 07 gsxr 600
 Logging a Gen 1 Busa
 Electronic steering damper
 Kawasaki pair and exhaust servo disable
 GTR1400 Support
 map share and power modes
 IMMO OFF for ZX10 ZX14 please
 % difference in fuel map display
 turboing a 2013 zx10 engine
 Feature requests / wishlist
 04 05 zx10 ecu access
 raise idle speed 2012 ZX10
 ZX14R Car Application
 Boost Fuel for 06 GSX-R 1000
 Fan settings 2011 GSXR 600
 2008 ZX14
 GSXR1000K7> o2 delete
 Ram Air Maps Gen 1 Busa
 TPS % and IAP Tables: Crossover points
 Copy Map Headers for pasting into Excel
 Requesting Graphs!!!
 Acceleration Enrichment Tables
 Nitrous controol
 GSR 600
 auto tune
 Engine data enabled???????
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