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Launch Control and clutch switch

 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
Just file off the nib on the clutch switch until it clicks when you want it.
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
On most of the bikes there is no real possibility of adjusting the clutch switch. Please remember the primary reason for having that switch in the first place was not having Launch Control capability but safety - accidently starting the engine while in gear with clutch out. And that switch clicks way before the clutch is completely disengaged on every bike I come across (the clutch switch can be in "off" position and the power will still be transmitted to the wheel). It was much later that the signal from that switch was "hijacked" by the Launch control programs :-) My understanding of the Launch Delay setting is that is the time between clutch plates start "grabbing" causing the bike to start moving and the clutch switch activation (clutch out) signal as by that stage the clutch is almost fully engaged and the full power can be applied. Having the Release Speed settings is an additional help to get the timing right so the delay and release speed is where the adjustment need to be focused. I hope that helps.
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
It will only be on the 2step while the clutch switch is closed, so if you are on the 2 step the switch is not engaged
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
I'm just trying to make sure I understand how it works but adjusting the launch delay won't help me since the delay on the lights is random and my ECU thinks the clutch is out as soon as I stage, right? It sounds like the launch delay will be counting down when I stage since the clutch will be partially out into the friction zone and thus I will end up launching at full rpm. So my only options are trying to adjust the switch, which will be very limited since it will hit a point where the switch is bottomed out in the housing, or using a thumb button hooked into the clutch switch and doing it manually?
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
So you either have to use launch delay or adjust your clutch switch
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
I do not have a speed setting on mine...is this not an option on a 2014 GSXR1000? I have Launch Delay, Launch RPM, Hold Time, Ramp Time, and Max Ramp RPM
 Re: Launch Control and clutch switch
Yes adjust your clutch switch, but if you set the wheel speed correctly it won't come off the 2 steep till you hit the wheel speed as set then it will go into the ramp
 Launch Control and clutch switch
Hello, Just a quick question regarding launch control. Our season is winding down for winter and the strip is closed so I don't have a way of testing this out. Does the ramp time start as soon as the clutch switch shows "Clutch out"? I ask because I noticed the clutch switch on my 2014 GSXR 1000 shows "Clutch out" almost immediately off the bar, before I even get to the point of taking up the driveline slack or hitting the friction zone. I'm wondering if this is what will happen on the line: 1. Pull in clutch and hold to activate launch control 2. Hit the two-step limiter 3. Ease out clutch to take up slack/hit start of friction zone 4. Bam, ramp time counter starts since the clutch is "out" as the lights are dropping and it launches at full rpm Do I need to adjust the clutch switch so it shows "out" later in the movement? I would really need to move it quite a bit for that to happen and I'm not sure I even have that much adjustment. Or does the ramp time not occur on this model until the bike is moving? Thanks for the clarification!
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