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Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault

 Re: Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault
As per last post,I loaded the US Bin file with ECU editor, I have since read & saved the Bin File with WRT changed some advanced settings & flashed it back to the ECU with WRT, all good! I was looking at the live data while it was running & noticed the clutch display is showing clutch in, when in fact the B/Y wire is cut close to the ECU, which should be clutch out, tried earthing it but no change, its as though the wire is earthed, (clutch in) of course this means it going to run in the neutral maps all the time, anyone had this issue??
 Re: Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault
I flashed a US Bin to the ECU with ECU editor, it fired up straight away :), no faults at all on dash, not sure why it worked on one but not the other, but I did original flash with WRT with fast logging Baud rate feature turn on, not sure whether or not this could be the issue? or maybe my wiring is not totally correct somewhere??, I don't like not knowing or just hoping its OK, I will go through the wiring layout again & recheck for about the 5th time, a little more investigation is required to get to the bottom of why the "TOS Disable" didnt work with the WRT Flash. any thoughts appreciated, or am i missing something here?
 Re: Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault
Try flashing the ECU with the "Gen" .bin file option rather than a US or EU file version.
 Re: Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault
No it doesn't have a stock key, I flashed it in WRT, I'll try ECU editor to disable it
 Re: Hayabusa 2011 TOC Fault
I have never had an issue with teh Tip Over elimination. Are you using WRT or Ecu Editor to flash it? Try flashing teh same settings in whichever one you didn't use first to see if the same issue occurs. You mention turning the key, does it have a stock key and key switch or is it something other than stock?
 Hayabusa 2011 TOS Fault
Hi, I'm fitting a 2011 Hayabusa engine into a car, I bought an low km Engine, Loom & ECU from the US, I have just sorted the installation & wiring, but it wont start, flashing FI light. I installed the check code wire into the diagnostic plug & the ECU (via the dash) keeps giving me a fault code # 23 which is TOS, I have siliconed the magnetic weight it in the correct position, interestingly the TOS sensor checks out within spec according to the Suzuki Manual, I have I flashed the ECU with "Disable TOS" function in advanced settings, but when I turn the key on the FI fault is still there, I checked the flash had worked & had in fact "Disabled the TOS" by reading the ECU. Does turning off the "Disable TOS" feature disable the fault code 23? I figure with the disable feature you should be able to throw the TOS away? Any ideas?
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