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disable o2 sensor on zx14r

 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Hi, I am not pointing any fingers, just trying to get the bike fixed. Bike is completely stock and worked just fine before dyno run and ECU update. No gearing change or anything else modified as I like the bike to be stock. What has been serviced lately: -airfilter changed (OEM) - oil and filter change (OEM) - spark plugs (OEM) - chain and sprockets (stock size sprockets and DID chain endless) - coolant change ( rinsed the system 2 times and replaced the coolant with Pro Honda) bike is now again with my tuner Sami, he will check the bike and probably contact you later if we cannot solve the problem.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
There have been no changes to the software, i have checked the software version control tools that we use to track changes and there has been none to the bin file for this model. It is very easy to point the finger at software in cases like this, sometimes this is warranted but alot of the time it is not anything to do with the software and it is related to a physical problem with the bike. Have you made any other changes to the bike like changing the gearing? I had a customer with a stock ZX14R (not flashed) contact us the other day where he had changed the gearing on the bike and it behaved similar to what you are describing.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Some more findings: Sami Vittaniemi who is my tuner disabled today the O2 sensor and I also unplugged it. No affect at all to the problem, same hesitation and jerking. The problem does not go away while we are writing about the problem here, can you please check the software because obviously something has changed as tuned bin files worked fine with previous versions. Sami has tuned lots of bikes here in Finland over the years and works with your software daily as business, this would rule out the beginner errors. Sami has reported similar problems with zzr 1400 2012 and suzuki gsxr 1000 to you some moths ago but has not got any feedback to those.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
There have been no changes to the fuel maps or related settings in the bin file definition for this model for a long time. We also have not had any other reports of an issue like this, so the problem is unlikely to be software related. The range you are talking about is where the closed loop would be active, so it is possible that the stock O2 is adjusting the tune of the bike if it is still connected. I would suggest that you remove the stock O2 sensor and tune the IAP maps. The Bin Files in WRT are the stock bin files taken unaltered from stock ECU's, to flash back to stock, open a new bin file with a matching part number and write it to the ECU.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
UPDATED ! Hi again, Please try to answer to this, I really need to get my bike fixed. I did contact my tuner but do not know if he already reported the problem. I will try to explain this the best I can. According to him there is a bug in your current releases and the problem is that even if the values are set correct into IAP and TPS map ECU will not use those values ( 5-11% 3000-5000rpm). Other question is that what maps are the ECU using if not those ? He also said that in previous versions this has been working. My findings when riding the bike: When running on constant throttle with the mentioned area the bike starts to twitch and hesitate. Few questions: - Is this the oxygen sensors "closed loop area" ( 5-11% 3000-5000rpm) ? - should it be possible to adjust the IAP map on that area and has it been working before ? - If we do net get this corrected can we return to the original settings ? Do you have different bin files for European ECU version (2008) ? - Standard map that came from the factory has worked, why we are facing this kind of problems after flashing the ECU ?
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Ok, I will tell him to do that. Bike was optimized in dyno using your software and sensor. Bike is EU version 2008 and fully standard. I will attach the dyno result picture.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Hi, It is difficult to "sort it out" without more information about what changes your tuner has made. I would suggest you ask your tuner to open a support ticket with more information including exactly what changes he has made etc. http://www.woolichracing.com/support/open.php
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
My tuner in Finland has just reported one possible bug in ZZR 1400 / zx-14 ECU update, can you check that also ? After ECU update my bike is really twitchy from 3000 prm to 4000 rpm with all gears. Lambda is connected and IMO it should work because it did with the stock setup also. Bike feels like it would run out of fuel when running with steady throttle and hesitating when accelerating. Season is almost over in Finland so I would appreciate if you can sort this out asap. Thanks, DJ
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
You may find the fuel consumption will change if you disable and remove the stock O2 sensor, but the change should be pretty minimal and offset by a better running bike. The Disable O2 settings removes the fault code and allows you to remove the O2 sensor from the bike without going in to limp mode.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Hi, I have the same situation after woolich ecu update and dyno. Few questions: - consumption after oxygen sensor removed and disabled ? Did it change for better or worse - when O2 sensor is disabled from the ecu it removes the FI error, does this also mean that after removing physical connection from the sensor bike does not go into "limp mode" ? DJ / finland
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
i managed to deliver it in one sentence as well ha ha :)
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Generally, the closed loop functions anywhere that the IAP maps are functional, so basically it can influence the fueling anywhere under 10% throttle. That is the clearest and most sensible explanation I have heard about the closed loop and fits exactly with what I found the bike to do. Thanks a bundle.. :D
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Generally, the closed loop functions anywhere that the IAP maps are functional, so basically it can influence the fueling anywhere under 10% throttle.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
I am still at a bit of a loss as to why I have had such dramatic changes in the smoothness. :? I thought the O2 sensor only affected the ECU operations in the "Closed loop" situation. That is to say, (from what I have read), 6th Gear around 5000 rpm on a stable throttle it will lean up the mixture... But the affects were obvious across 4,5,6 and not just at 5000 rpm... it was lower... down to 3500... The closed loop must operate at any time when you have a stable/"almost trailing" throttle input below 6000rpm in higher gears.. Maybe it was the Dynotune O2 Optimiser??? Still confused but happy with the results of pulling the O2 sensor out.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Yes if you remove it obviously nothing is adjusted as there is no input on the O2 Sensor pin. Great to here your bike is running well once you removed the O2 sensor!
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
The Disable O2 Sensor setting in WRT for the ZX14R disables the fault code not the sensor itself. So does that mean that the ECU can use it if it is there but if not there and disabled in ECU it will ignore anything to do with adjusting things??? I see the US model does not have the O2 Sensor at all..... End result of disconnecting and disabling in ECU is the bike is actually the smoothest it has been since fitting the Brocks... I talked with Brocks about this some time ago and after trying the O2 sensor dummy, then the optimiser by itself (nothing connected) and then the optimiser with the dummy, the results all were the same - bad stumble and stutter in 4,5,6 at 4000-6000 rpm. I fitted the stock sensor with the optimiser (had to really due to not wanting to extend cables) and it helped a lot but there was still a small hic about 2k, and it runs rich...
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
The Disable O2 Sensor setting in WRT for the ZX14R disables the fault code not the sensor itself.
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
I decided to update the previous 2 posts into this one.... I disabled the O2 sensor in the ECU. I discovered that you need to disconnect/remove the sensor otherwise it will still affect the engine even though its disabled in the ECU. This happened when I was using a stock O2 sensor and the Dynotune O2 Optimiser. I was getting a big stutter from the engine around 4000-6000 rpm when the Sensor was still connected and disabled in the ECU. It appears Kawasaki has given the ZX14R ECU the ability to affect the engine (not sure what - maybe fuel, timing and/or stp maps) even if the O2 sensor is disabled in the ECU but the sensor is connected.. :roll: :roll:
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Ok thats great, thanks for the feedback!
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Just confirming that having the o2 senor disconnected works perfect No FI codes thrown have done two 20 minutes trips so far and no error Unless there is a delay before codes are thrown I would say it's a winner
 Re: disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Yes i believe so.
 disable o2 sensor on zx14r
Hello If I disable the o2 sensor on the eu spec ecu. Can I then remove the physical connection to the o2 unit without throwing a fi code?
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