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Editing Fuel, Ignition and Other Maps

Post questions and problems relating to Editing Fuel, Ignition and Other Maps in the Woolich Racing Tuned software in this forum.

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 2017+ R6 idle speed change help
 MS0/MS1 Map Switching
 08-10 ZX10 Map Switching
 1st gear timing map
 Clutch-in RPM decel SLOW to idle. Fix me.
 2016 ZX14R base map
 Help understanding ETV map and data logging
 Basics about fuelmaps
 2016 gsx-s1000 idle problem
 etv( electronic throttle valve) MAP
 Not logging at certain throttle position
 Other Maps: 2017 Yam R1 ETV Mapping
 MS0 / MS1 / MS2?
 Tuning info
 Removing O2 sensor from Honda bike: does it worth?
 strange AFR issue on deceleration
 Target AFR advice needed please :)
 Derestricting a 09-11 R1
 Injector Load.
 Changing Dwell setting with stock coils?
 IAP/TPS question
 2006 GSXR1000 MAP sensor scaling
 ZX14R - Fueling suggestions
 2016 ZX14R map questions
 2014 ZX-10R "G4" AT discussion
 Ignition Map GSX-R
 Where to change for Best Fuel Consumption?
 AIP Narrow Band tuning possible?
 3D Maps... Lockable?
 2015 Yamaha R1 6500rpm tiny hesitiation
 Headers glowing at idle, is my AFR ok?
 Do I do this if I wanted to smooth my idle and deceleration?
 electronic throttle valve maps
 Zx10r 2014 - Pinging
 2016 ZX10R 2nd rev limiter and noise output
 ZX10R injector balance maps and other
 2011+ ZX10R restrictions
 GSXR 750 K4-K5 ignition table needed (swap to 2009)
 Anything worth tweaking on the "other maps" section?
 Ram air settings vs dyno results after autotune
 How to retard ignition
 Unify Ignition map, Neutral or Gears 1-6
 2011 GSX R750, ECU shows A B C maps? Only A & B usable.
 free Quickshifter function gone with Race tools ?
 Strange horizontal scale in "other maps"
 How to retard ignition
 Hayabusa Slow to return to idle
 Why is my AFR hitting 20?
 Ms0/ms1 z800
 tune busa turbo in woolich ?
 GSXR1000 09-11 STP Map bug?
 How do i tune the Igniton Map on a dyno?
 What is the Injector Balance Map
 any one help me ?
 Mode A.B.C in gsxr1000 k14
 GSXR gear dependant fuel maps?
 anyone have dyno proof of before and after STV removal??
 2011 GSX-R 750 L1 ignition tuning help?
 What can I do after auto tune to get more performance?
 Could someone please look over my maps? 2011 GSXR 750
 What ECU pin is used for MS0/MS1 map switching?
 Unexplained changes in AFR
 Gen 4 zx10 fuel map
 Which Fuel Map used for starting
 '13 GSXR 600 A/B MS0/MS1
 Bike starts rough after installing Logbox v2 Denso
 map switching
 GSXR 1000 K6 TRE replacement
 Changing native map bin to another number bin
 GSXR decel fuel cutoff
 Gen 4 zx10 ignition maps
 Strange issue with STP map at 100%
 larger injectors
 STP position beyond... (?)
 12-14 yzf1000 R1 Ignition Gear Map
 Woolich Base MapShare ZX14R
 Gsxr rev limiter in ingnition map
 2013 ZX14R Map switching
 ZX14R Timing per gear
 Derestricting 49 state US 2014 ZX14R
 IAP Map?
 MS1/MS0 map Gsxr 600/750 K6_k7
 Gen4 zx10r 2011-2015 traction control
 Loading the dyno
 Gen 2 Hayabusa EU
 Adjustments on the fly with bike running?
 MAPSHARE/11+zx10/australia octane to American
 Anyone have a map for 40 shot of nitrous? Busa
 Couple things not working correctly,
 Flashing 08 Suzuki B-King?
 Timing maps
 STP tuning
 EX300 question MS0, MS1, MS2?
 Going to the dyno
 GSXR 1000 K7, Ignition Map Problem after MS1 enabling
 Map Select MS0 MS1 Suzuki California
 ZX10R Mapshare?
 ignition maps
 Wanting a stock map
 derestrict 4th gen zx10
 Can WRT Software Synchronize throttle bodies ?
 Rev Limiter and Log Files
 Lean ZX14 Correction
 07 ZX10R strange throttle response
 Kawi zx6r 07-08 / some issues / launch control
 EU bin file Fuel map Group U.S. Fule map no Group
 B-King Gear Group definition
 Bosch LSU 4.9 experience?
 Rev limiter setting not changing limiting
 2009 ZX14 nuetral rev limiter
 Limit RPM when clutch in
 RPM limits in STP map
 Open compare Bin file?
 Fuel Trim Maps
 04 05 zx10r rev limit issue
 Editing STP map(s) to imitate removal
 Keeping track of changes, how to?
 ECU Part Number Swaps ?.
 Cell numbers in ignition tables
 Secondary Butterfly Map - Traction Control
 Clutch in map same as Neutral map...?
 help navigating the software
 editing ignition maps
 Gen 1 Injector Compensation
 08 ZX6R maps
 2013 zx10r dyno results.. comments? suggestions?
 Fuel trim maps ZX10R
 ms1, mso map switching
 Hayabusa Bking fuel maps
 unifying fuel map
 Stp Opening and Stp Fuel
 To Dyno or Not to Dyno - that is the question...
 K8 ECU on K6
 I need modified ignition and TPS maps(new 2012 ZX14R/ZZR1400
 zx14 map switching
 Ignition Maps
 O2 sensor influence on Fuel Delivery
 Fuel map tuning
 Best ignition advance at WOT
 What is the STP (Secondary Throttle Map)
 Programing MS0 and MS1
 2011 ZX10R Issue with power settings
 How much is 1 percent in the fuel map
 Ignition Gear Groups - Gen 2 Hayabusa
 Questions about cylinder unifying
 What is Fuel Trim in the "Other Maps" section?
 Gen1 busa fuel map question
 changing the advanced settings.
 fuel distribution between injectors - Injector Balance
 Ignition Maps going from ECUEditor to WRT
 What is the Ram Air map?
 MS0 and MS1 maps
 Injector balance k11 gsxr
 ecu locking
 MS switching
 Map timming wrt vs ecueditor
 Ignition Map Question
 How do you
 Secondary Throttle Postion maps
 Euro ecu Immobilizer
 2008 Hayabusa MS0/MS1 switching
 Nos controller map switching
 What does STP fuel mean?
 Fuel map changes not being flashed to ECU
 3D Graph Map Editing
 Injector Balance Maps - 2005 GSX-R 1000
 Kawasaki ZX6 Ignition Maps
 MS0 and MS1 maps
 Ignition Map Units
 Steering Damper Maps
 map select 0 vs 1 on 06 1000
 Injector balance on a 2006 1K
 AFR target on diferent FUEL
 Gsr 600
 What are Gear Group 1, 2 and 3 in the Ignition Maps
 What units used in the fuel map?
 2 Step for Gen1 Busa
 Cell Digit Colors
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