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Couple things not working correctly,

 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Good result Kevin!
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Thank you Justin... I was 90+% sure that was the wire but didn't want to have to repair any wires if I was wrong... I confirmed it was the right wire yest. and finished the Nitrous Tune today :mrgreen: Safe to say it turned out OK :shock: :D
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Hi Kevin, below is the pin out from the service manual, to avoid any confusion on which pin is which in the 2 ecu plugs we always use the factory service manual pin numbering. Based on this yes the 6th pin from the right on the bottom row on the grey plug is the mode select pin. GSX-R-1000.png
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
I Flashed a 06 GSXR 1000 with ECU number 32920-41G60 and I'm ready to Spray it now and need to switch MS0-MS1 to retard the Timing... MS0 MS1 Wire at the ECU is supposed to be 57 according to the posted list... The connectors on this bike/ECU are BOTH numbered from 1 to 34 = there is no PIN 57 :? So...If I consider #1 on the second connector (Gray connector at left of ECU) to be pin 35 then it looks like the wire I need to cut/switch is Black/Brown... Can someone confirm this is the correct wire for MS0-MS1 Switching on this 06 GSXR 1000???
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
So silly question, but do you hit the start button in WRT engine data screen. Just want to rule out the basics. Also is it possible for you to test the interface on another bike, just to see if it is working correctly.
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
First, pin 66 was grounded on my bike so once i cut that wire it went to MS1. But something to note, now its always in MS1 no matter what I select and flash to the ECU. So it seems like the option to lock it in either MS0 or MS1 is struggling. But on the other thing, I loaded a stock 21H60 and 21H50 bin file and still could not get engine data to work. I have the switch in the Eng Data spot on the log box and then open the loaded bin file, so in this case 21H60 or 21H50. And then click Engine Data and the screen just stays empty, is there a step I am forgetting? I go into ECU Editor and open the same bin file and click "Connect for Engine Data" and it works fine. Ideas? What am I missing? Fast data rate is enabled.
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
I just checked and cant seem to replicate the engine data problem, specifically which bin file are you using and do you have fast baud rate enabled?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
i will take a look at the engine data now.
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Ok well I'll try to ground pin 66 when I get a chance to play with it again. Still can't get the engine data to come up though. It works fine in ECU editor but now in Woolich. And it used to work in woolich. Ideas?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
I think pin 70 is for dealer mode? and pin 66 is MS0/MS1
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
the DMS pins are the ones used for selecting modes ABC, so pins 50 and 63. so why 66 and why not 70? Im going to have to try 66 anyways now just to verify. for example on 05/06 gsxr 1000, the ECU pin 57 is MS0/MS1 pin that everyone has to ground and if you look into the service manual it says Pin 57 "Mode Select Switch" so where did pin 66 come from for the 07/08 gsxr ECU's?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
I believe pin 70 is for mode A/B switching, pin 66 is MS0/MS1?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Crap I just read that pin 66 is the mode select pin for gsxr 1000? Then why on my ECU Diagram does it say pin 70 is mode select? and pin 66 is empty?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
so i used ECU Editor completely and flashed 21H50 and 21H60 to my ECU. The engine data works fine on ECU Editor but does not work on Woolich Racing at all for any of the flashes. I also flashed each of the 21H60 and 21H50, in MS0 MS1 and Switchable in ECU Editor and the ECU remains in MS0. When I did Switchable I grounded and ungrounded pin 70 on the ECU and it still did not switch. So it seems to be locked in MS0...ideas?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
ok i will.
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Can you try something for me, can you try the 2007 21H60 bin file found in ecueditor, i think there may be a few different versions of the 21H60 and this could be causing the issue you are seeing?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
Justin any luck on this?
 Re: Couple things not working correctly,
am i the only one having these problems since the newest update?
 Couple things not working correctly,
Finally made it to the track and had a couple things not behave correctly since either an update or not sure, but it didn't used to do these things before. For 21H60 ECU, 07 gsxr 1000 1) If I set it locked to either MS0 or MS1, it is always set on MS0. When I go back and watch my datalog passes, they always say MS0 and I have to tune MS0 to get the right changes made, no matter if I have it set on MS0 or MS1. 2.) When I flip the switch on the Log Box, I used to be able to click Engine Data and start the bike and watch all the settings on the bike as it idles. This was not working tonight. I even tested it with ECU Editor to make sure I was doing it right, and I was. I can Connect for Engine Data in ECU Editor but it wasn't doing it in Woolich Software. I know it used to so not sure what got changed. Let me know what else you need to fix it Justin.
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