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Well F*#% me sideways :-(

 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
Good news :)
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
Got my new USB cable in today.... thankfully everything works again!
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
yeah a buddy of mine said the same thing, the bike seemed ok to me so i hope nothing else was hurt on the ECU but yeah I ordered the cable which was a TTL-232R-5V-WE and I'll try a new wire and go from there!
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
The USB cable itself has the FDTI chip in it. You should be able to buy the USB-TTL FDTI cable for about $20-$25 and re-solder the wires. I don't know that it is fried, but from your description, It appears to be.
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
this is the inside of my flashing interface I for the hell of it got my meter out and checked continuity across the board and it looked good. I wish I had another ECU to try out, I wonder if I messed the ECU up :-/
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
I basically looked at the ECU connector upside down and hooked everything up upside down :-( when I hit engine data connect it doesn't give me errors but I have the ecu on the bench so I believe all the numbers are just going to be all zero'd out. I dont believe this board has a FDTI chip on it. looks like it just converts the USB to a 6 wire plug which goes to the ECU.
 Re: Well F*#% me sideways :-(
What did you hook up backwards? In order to shut down your laptop, you probably connevted 12V nominal to something in the USB stream. Probably cooked the FDTI chip while you were at it. Will it connect for engine data only?
 Well F*#% me sideways :-(
I know this is a WRT forum but had some problems with my boost by smith box today Well I won the flashing NEWB of the day award today. All hopped up on Monsters and in the garage messing with my turbo busa I decided I wanted to try some other things with my Gen1 busa's ECU and long story short I have been bench flashing all of my ECU's and I was sorta hooking up all the wires ohhhhh upside down in the connector and I went to ive it power and POW my laptop shut off! I knew right then and there I ****ed up and now my damn flashing interface wont connect in Renesas I opened up the boost by smith box and nothing looked burnt up or anything. So does anyone have any idea what I may have messed up/burnt up when I did this? Serves me right for cheaping out and not buying the $80 dollar bench harness but I have only been doing a few ECU's I started the bike up with the ECU back in the bike and it idled so atleast the bike fires up.... could I have fried something else inside the ecu though or does this sound like a burnt up my interface? Also the interface is the Version 1 which does not have any resistors in it or anything..... I even installed everything on my desktop and tried to hook up to the ECU and would not connect Anyone help please.... or am I SOL????
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