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Bike Model 2011-2015 Kawasaki ZX10R
Title Base Race Map for Woolich Autotune (Read all Description)
Description Note: Advance setting don't apply Automatically
After loading Please Disable- O2 sensor
Fuel Cut
Exhaust servo
Adjust Neutral Idle to 1800rpm

F map only
All Maps Unified
1800rpm Idle and Neutral
14,050 rpm limiter
STP Full enhancement
Small ignition mods down low + 3 Degs up top
TPS Fuel has base tune for mid 13 afr down low through 12.6 afr up top
Tuned on 98 octane Fuel
Akro system and filter
Username joel.sym
Average Rating 7
Total Subscriptions 98
Exhaust Akrapovic - Full System
Airfilter K&N
Engine Modifications Pair Valve Blocked off.
Tune Details
Horsepower 187 hp
Fuel Type 98 Octane Pump
Altitude 0 feet
Location Australia
Created 28 Aug 2014 00:39:00
Last Activity 03 May 2020 15:19:59


Hello. Sorry, can I download this map please? Let me know. Thank you.
jagi1972 on 17 Jun 2015 19:38:28
apttuning on 20 Jun 2015 05:36:27
jhunieby.garcia on 21 Nov 2015 11:31:34
give this a go
craigmiller1973 on 14 Sep 2016 19:34:32
Awesome, my 2014 ZX10r now goes like stink
craigmiller1973 on 19 Sep 2016 19:17:50
jym on 23 Mar 2017 20:51:11
can this be applied to US bikes ?
Cycleaddictionz on 03 May 2020 15:19:59

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