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Woolich Racing Log Box Pro M (Mitsubishi)

The wait is finally over. Woolich Racing are proud to announce the release of the Log Box Pro (Mitsubishi) LBPM, our premium product for tuning Kawasaki Motorcycles equipped with a Mitsubishi ECU. This includes the ZX10R, ZX14 and ZX14R models.

Woolich Racing Log Box Pro (Mitsubishi)

The Log Box Pro M (Mitsubishi) LBPM allows you to Flash the ECU, view real time Engine Data in the Woolich Racing Tuned (WRT) software, as well as log Engine Data to the on board micro SD card at a blazing fast 100 Hz **. The logged engine data can then be used with the WRT AutoTune allowing you to tune your fuel maps. This allows you to tune your bike using data collected in real riding conditions with factors like Ram Air and other bike dynamics automatically accounted for resulting in an optimal tuning experience. It also allows you to fine tune your bikes performance for different conditions and setups e.g. fuel, altitude, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

In addition to the core functionality, we have packed in some cool features that really sets the Log Box Pro apart. There is a direct digital connection for Zeitronix Wideband O2 controllers providing a fast and accurate source of Wideband O2 AFR data. There are also 8 high speed high resolution (12 bit) 0-5v AD convertors allowing you to log an additional 8 channels of data from 0-5v sensors on your bike including 0-5v output from different Wideband O2 Controllers. We have also built in a Bluetooth module allowing you to connect to the Log Box Pro via Bluetooth from your computer (and in the future from your smartphone or tablet).

Woolich Racing - Log Box Pro (Mitsubishi)


  • Built in ECU Flashing Interface for Mitsubishi ECU's
  • Real Time Engine Data available in Woolich Racing Tuned software
  • Log Engine Data, Wideband O2 AFR and 8 Channels of AD to on board micro SD
  • Open Engine Data Logs in Woolich Racing AutoTune to tune your Fuel Maps
  • 2GB micro SD card (over 80 hours of data log capacity)
  • On board 3v battery to allow date and time stamp for Log Files


  • 1 * Standard USB Connector for connecting to computer
  • 1 * Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity
  • 1 * Standard Woolich Racing 8 pin Connector (works with all existing Woolich Racing Harnesses)
  • 1 * RJ12 connector for direct connection to Zeitronix Wideband O2 controllers
  • 2 * RJ45 connector for connecting to 8 channel AD convertors (use twisted pair sensor/ground)


  • 100Hz Engine Data logging to micro SD card ** (i.e. every 10 ms)
  • 50Hz direct digital connection to Zeitronix Wideband O2 controllers
  • 100Hz data logging of 8 AD Channels to micro SD card


  Length: 85.0mm (3.3")
  Width: 58.0mm (2.3")
  Depth: 28.2mm (1.1")

** 100Hz Engine Data available directly from the ECU for 2011-2014 ZX10R and 2012-2014 ZX14R, earlier models use slower engine data protocol from the ECU, you can acheive 100Hz data logging for earlier models by using the 0-5v AD (analogue to digital) Channels to log the bikes sensors directly.

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The User Guide for the Log Box Pro M (Mitsubishi) can be found on our User Guides and Installation Instructions page.

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