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Kawasaki Bench Harness 22 and 23 - Which one Do I Need?

This article specifically relates to ECUs and harnesses for several Kawasaki models from 2020 onwards.  These models use bench harnesses for ECU flashing and cause some confusion when trying to select the correct harness to use to connect the Woolich Racing Communication Interface (Log Box or USB) to the ECU as there are 2 different versions of the ECU plugs.  

The bikes affected by this all use the Kawasaki Bench Harness 22 or 23 and are listed below.  The information below helps to identify which version you have and then to understand which harness you will need to flash the ECU.

The Kawasaki Bench Harness Type 22 is normally for the full power models, and both ECU plugs are the same size.

The Kawasaki Bench Harness Type 23 is normally used for the restricted models, the ECU has a larger plug, so it requires a different Bench harness.

This is not related to the options in the Woolich Racing Tuned software, only the physical size of the ECU plug.