Log Box D-CAN power consumption

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Log Box D-CAN power consumption

Postby mocksoul » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:46 pm

Not sure if this correct forum or not, but I was unable to find dedicated to "Log Box D-CAN"

I have it on my MT-09 2017 and everything works like a charm, but:

1) once SD card filled with log files (2gb+) log box sometimes does not shut off to standby mode (green indicator keeps lighting after ignition off and even DAY after :))
2) power consumption is insane: 140Ma in "active" mode (green led light) and ~65-70Ma in standby (all lights off). This is 3 times more than bike with GSM alarm itself (15Ma). 4 days w/o riding and it drains my 8.6Ah battery completely. Even worse -- such draining is really kills lead-acid batteries with insane sulfation =(

Can those issues be fixed somehow with firmware update? Can i put relay switch and wire it to ignition or my log files will be corrupted? Any other advice?

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Re: Log Box D-CAN power consumption

Postby tl1000s97 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:41 pm

Why not just disconnect it and reconnect after/before riding?

I do not have this issue with mye Denso LogBox v3, but I still like to disconnect/reconnect.


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Re: Log Box D-CAN power consumption

Postby mocksoul » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:21 pm

Hey. Got update: now my logbox does not goes to sleep mode at all :)

1. Engine running and leds flashing (and logs to sd card)
2. Turn engine off completely
3. Green led will light forever, untill battery drains out. My battery just died that way :-D

Even worse, the only way I can flash ecu today is:

1. Disconnect log box from bike completely (so, all lights obviously will go off)
2. Connect to PC
3. Connect to ECU
4. Turn on ignition
5. Flash

If I do not disconnect logbox from ecu before connecting to pc -- it just will not connect to pc at all.


Also changed Lion 3v battery inside logbox, now I have proper datetime for logs :)
Also where is not visible damage to pcb itself. But you should clean out flux... :)
And since last year firmware is the same - 1.03

Have your any ideas that happened? Maybe i just can test/replace some pcb components? I can, but dont know which one...