Bought wrong package. Need map share for Panigale 899.

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Bought wrong package. Need map share for Panigale 899.

Postby mariosradk4 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:55 am

Hi everyone. Long story short, I bought the wrong package thinking that I can tune my map with just the USB type box. Well when I first received the package I thought I need time to learn the product to know how to use it. But after learning everything from guides to video tutorials and last after much frustration I decided to contact woolich. That was when I found out theres no way to tune my map with it. I can't upgrade it with the wideband which was crucial in tuning the AFR. I can only adjust some factory functions such as to disable the exhaust valve, deceleration fuel, etc.

I intend to road tune my 899 panigale after an exhaust upgrade (termignoni slip-ons) and a sprint air filter. But since this is the case, I'm actually feel helpless.

So here I am, asking to any kind souls out there to maybe share their tuned map with the similar bike setup or any tune done to improved the leaned factory map.

Thank you so much for reading this and I appreciate it so much to anyone who can help.